1Click DVD Copy

1Click DVD Copy 5.8.50

DVD copying made simple


  • Simple way to copy your DVDs
  • Options for TV shows and movies
  • Good compression and quality


  • Ugly design
  • Limited options


If you'd like to be able to make backup copies of your DVDs, 1Click DVD Copy may be just what you're looking for. Using a small amount of extra compression, 1Click DVD Copy lets you backup your DVDs to a normal, single layer DVDR disc, though it does also support dual layer discs. It also lets you decide whether to copy just the main feature on the DVD, or include the extra features as well.

1Click DVD Copy does an admirable job copying DVDs, meaning you'll rarely see any change in video quality. Simply insert the DVD you want to copy into your DVD drive and wait for the program to detect it. 1Click DVD Copy will detect the type of content stored on the DVD, providing options for copying episodic content from TV shows, or movies and extra features.

The program contains options for which soundtrack you'd like to copy, including support for DTS soundtracks, and for subtitles and other features. Using its proprietary built-in burning engine, 1Click DVD copy doesn't take long to compress and burn a DVD movie or TV show. In our test, we found its compression to be of perfectly acceptable quality. The program also lets you save DVDs to your computer's hard disk, a really nice feature for laptop owners.

It is only in its design that 1Click DVD Copy is really a let down. It uses an non-standard circular window shape without any obvious way of opening the program's options - you actually need to right-click on the program window to see these. When opened, it's quite obvious that 1Click DVD Copy doesn't offer much in the way of customization. But the program works well enough with its default settings anyhow.

1Click DVD Copy is a sturdy little app that can create near-perfect copies of your DVD collection and either burn them to disc or save them to your hard disk. Despite its limited options and its unfriendly user interface, it performs its main task well.

DVD movies are already heavily compressed when you buy them. By increasing the level of compression by a small factor, the whole movie can easily fit on a single DVD and in most cases you will not see any difference compared to the original.

1Click DVD Copy will allow you to back up your DVD movies and gives you the flexibility you need to keep what you want. You can copy just the movie with the menus intact or include the extra features - the choice is yours.

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